tattooing by rabbit abby
Heyah! My name is Rabbit Abby Woodford! I was born and raised in Burlington, Iowa. I have always loved art, even as a child. At 15, I became enamored with bold artwork I was beginning to know as "tattoo flash". By chance, I tagged along with my family to watch my stepsister get her first tattoo. From the moment I saw the colors blended in the skin, I was captivated.

I am a primarily self-taught artist, though I did entertain an apprenticeship in a small midwest town for a couple years. Frustrated with my mentor's apathy, mediocre bloodborne pathogen defenses, and other disappointments, I decided to abandon the apprenticeship, and carved my own way into the industry.

I began tattooing full-time in November of 2007 and have worked in much of midwest America. I have just returned from working in Sweden, and you can currently find me in Des Moines, Iowa.